Bushi vs Server East&West

by ShinseiYama

24 Jun 2014 : 18:25
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It was a warm sunny day when Bushi members deperted on a sea voyage to liberate trade packs from unworthy people.


Bushi ship called Black Pearl landed in Yanister port where trade ships full of trade packss started rolling in the port.

As we all know Bushi likes to jump on any one not in same guild and so that is exactly what happend, First we defeted PRX and their trade ship, the next target was We are legend who started rolling in the port, nice and juicy cargo.

After we were done in yanister we departed to a spot where all trade ships must cross to reach their destination.


We managed to catch 2 or 3 more trade ships and make some money.

After that We are legend called for server and guild wide attack on bushi and not only that but also forestcrow decided to team with them to kill us.

With overwelming force directed toward us we expected huge loss, but as we know bushi like death more then life, so we went for them ,and by some miracle we were able to wipe and repell their attack.

At the end only 1 guild was still there patroling and it was Bushi.