News Item: Siege Fund & Castle siege
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Posted by ShinseiYama
Saturday 28 June 2014 - 02:35:00

We have won bid on Siege scroll and we payed 3200g.

We are sieging Heidmar and Bloodlust&Bust.

We dont know if we can win but darn it we will try and give our best, at the end its all about fun guys, and as we all know Bushi likes to die.


Donations from people will not be refunded since we have won it.

  • Desirz 50g
  • Telindril 400g
  • Foshd 30g
  • Player 50g
  • Laylo 17g
  • Aisoko 330g
  • Godheim 200g
  • NastyNice 40g
  • Studmuffin 400g
  • Okazaki 500g
  • Asuna 100g
  • Psinful 20g
  • Nekrage 250g
  • Rhane 90g XD
  • Shinsei 500
  • The rest guild bank

And aprox. another 1000g for siege Equipment from Shinsei.


The investment has been great so let's see how it goes.


This news item is from Bushi
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