News Item: Cheap Archeage Founder Packages
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Posted by ShinseiYama
Saturday 09 August 2014 - 09:51:00

Hi so for those interested in buying ArcheAge Founder package here is a great website, yes it is legit website, where you can actually save a lot of money buying games.


I will give ya my refrence link use it if ya want or not: URL Link

Also when buying use one of promo codes laying around, like from streamers for me "LIRIK" worked fine.

It is a steam gift that you buy, after you buy the gift add it to your library then click on archeage and click on CD Key on right side, that will bring pop up listing your Founders key, take that key and redeem it on Trion Website.


Archeum Founders Pack 84.88 EUR - 112.49 USD

Gold Founders Pack 50.94 EUR - 66.97 USD

Silver Founders Pack 34.97 EUR - 45.56 USD


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